About us

About us

Who are we?

We are a team of Muscovites who want to promote Moscow among tourists from all over the world, to help travelers in the city, giving them necessary information, to keep the track of public events for expats that moved to Moscow from abroad. We created a site that unites people who love Moscow and pay interest to it.


«It all started with the Lonely Planet. The guides they release all around the world, from America to Australia, were acknowledged the best hundreds of times. It is believed that the Lonely Planet brand in the field of tourism is something like Apple in the field of technology. Of course, there was a book about Moscow. I saw it for the first time in 2010. Nicely decorated, it told me a lot of interesting information about the city that was, as it turned out, utterly unfamiliar for me.


From the first pages, the book advised not to walk in the streets alone, because of the high crime rate, called «Losiny Ostrov National Park» the best place to have a rest and related Coffeemania and Coffee House cafes to the same price range – as cheap venues. Imagining the average European student, coming to premium restaurant Coffeemania for a cheap dinner, I felt ashamed of Lonely Planet and sad for my hometown.


I found such nonsense in all guidebooks about Moscow issued by foreign publishers. Why can’t we make it better? «We heart Moscow» idea was born at a moment when I realized that making it better is possible and necessary.


«We heart Moscow» is to date the most advanced Moscow guide for English-speaking users. With this project, my team will try to show the real capital of Russia, its best and most welcoming part of the world.»


– Michael Tantsura, CEO


CEO & Publisher: Michael Tantsura


Editor: Anna Labzina


Correspondent: Katya Alagich


Sales manager: Michael Litvin


We heart Moscow HQ:
119019, Filippovskiy per., 7
(workdays, 10:00-21:00)

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