Moscow Relocation & Concierge Service

Moscow Relocation & Concierge Service

Preparing for an international relocation, you will no doubt be busy with a big list of things to organize. We will be pleased to help you plan an efficient relocation and ensure that moving to Moscow will be comfortable and enjoyable.

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Home search

Finding your new home is a big and important job! Whether you’re looking for a property to rent or buy, you can waste a lot of time trawling the internet and dealing with real estate agents. So if you’re not familiar with the Russian real estate process, we will be there for you at every step of the way.

Job search

Need help in finding a job in Moscow? We’ll give you legal advice and information on the job search process and nuances of business life in Russia.


Moving home is one of the most stressful events in life. We will arrange professional moving services, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your belongings and packing and unpacking things.


We understand there is so much to do when you move. We can help you with arranging any services you need, whether it should be a plumber, repairer, cleaning service or a courier.

Legal advice

As any expat knows, immigration and visas can be a nightmare. We recommend you to use a professional to make the process easier. Our professional lawyers will help you with any legal question and provide you with the correct advice and assistance for your visa and immigration needs.


Facing difficulties with communication in Russia? We can provide you a professional translator in any situation.


Taking care of your family needs is number one question when relocating. So, finding the right daycare, kindergarten, school or university for your children is one of the biggest decisions. We will help you with this decision by providing you with the right information relevant to your family’s situation.


If you’re interested in getting an education in Moscow, we will give you all the necessary information. Whether it is an MBA program or a language school, we’ll help you to choose the best option.

Friendly environment

We understand how difficult it can be to adapt to a very different environment. We can assist you with finding a medical center, a local sporting center, interest clubs or child networking groups and even the best grocery store and café to make your relocation to Moscow easier.


Need assistance with socializing in Moscow? We will help you get in touch with the Moscow expat community.

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