Electric Bikes will Appear in the City Bike Rental...

Electric Bikes will Appear in the City Bike Rental Points in August

Muscovites and tourists will be able to take electric bikes in the city rent a bike points within a month – in August. The pilot project will involve about 200 electric bikes. At first, the service will have the same price as renting an ordinary bike. During the pilot project, the electric bicycles will appear in the most popular rent a bike points.

The new electric bikes are equipped with a motor that allows a person to save power on the difficult sections of the road. These bikes speed up to 40 kilometres per hour. However, electric bicycles are quite heavy – their weight is 40 kilogrammes.

Recall that this year’s bike rental season has started in Moscow on April 21. The city has 300 automated rental points. You can return the bike to any station.

To rent a bike, you need to register in the bike rental system and pay a subscription using a credit card. The cost of subscription for the entire season (until November 1) is 1200 rubles (€19.67), a monthly subscription costs 600 rubles (€9.84) and a day one is 150 rubles (€2.46).

In 2016, Moscow has got more than 250 km of cycle paths, located in 10 administrative districts. The most popular city cycling routes today are located along the Moscow River and parks. These trails have recreational and leisure activities throughout their way.