Places in Moscow. Late August openings

Places in Moscow. Late August openings

Here is our usual list of new places in the city – restaurants and cafes, that opened in Moscow in late August.


Chicha Facebook page

The White Rabbit Family holding has opened a new restaurant with Peruvian kitchen on the ground floor of the Novinsky Passage shopping and business center. The Chicha’s menu has several sections: Starters, Tostaditos, Salads, Dim Sum, Ceviche, Tiraditos (Peruvian sashimi), Kauzas (potato snack), Soups, Quinoa -Wok, Meat, Poultry, Fish and Kazuelos (roast in a pan). Here, you can taste corn bread and guacamole; edamame with sea salt; salmon with guacamole and soy-citrus salsa; salsa from tomatoes, corn and cilantro with cheese sauce; salmon with popcorn, sweet potato and red onion; tuna with avocado, sweet potatoes and nori with tamarind sauce; roast beef with mango and woody mushrooms; crab with avocado, cream cheese and chimichurri sauce; sweet corn soup with veal tails, chicken orzo, peas and young corn. Prices range from 170 to 690 rubles (€2.79– €11.31 respectively). In addition, the restaurant offers sushi rolls, usuzukuris (sashimi sauce), grilled specialties and desserts.

From drinks, you can ordere chicha – Peruvian drink made from corn – and alcoholic cocktails, such as Chicha Sour with pisco, chicha and tamarind, Inca Passion with pisco, passion fruit and caramel, Nikkei Punch with lavender gin, sake and cape gooseberry.

The average bill is 2000 rubles (€32.78) excluding alcoholic beverages.
+7 495 725 2579
Novinskiy Boulevard, 31


albatrossAlbatross Facebook page

The new restaurant with soviet cuisine has opened at Narodnogo Opolcheniya Street. Inside there is a spacious hall, a snack bar with sandwiches, a stage for those who want to sing, a dance floor, where discos are held every Friday and Saturday and a bar area for those who do not want to eat, and came to watch a game or to have a beer.

Albatross offers Soviet, but unexpectedly gastronomic cuisine: vinaigrette with pickled mushrooms, sauerkraut and baked beets (210 rubles - €3.44) served with poached egg and hot baked potato; roast beef with radish and Russian pesto (220 rubles - €3.61); beetroot soup (180 rubles - €2.95) seasoned with horseradish and finely chopped pickled cucumbers. Hot dishes are also very good – you can taste Pozharsky cutlets (420 rubles - €6.88), served with eggplant ketchup or pork ribs BBQ (390 rubles - €6.39). You can take Russian white sibirkovskiy, red krasnostop or Georgian wine, moonshine, birch juice and kvass.

The buffet area sells sandwiches with eggs, bacon, sausage, eggplant caviar or red fish (55-75 rubles, €0.90 - €1.23), homemade wine (160 rubles - €2.62), moonshine (170 rubles - €2.79), birch juice (40 rubles - €0.66) and kvass (120 rubles - €1.97).

+7 495 885 45 45
Narodnogo Opolcheniya Street, 22, buil. 2


lao lee cafeLao Lee Cafe Facebook page

A tiny Vietnamese cafe with a Chinese name has opened at Miusskaya Square. The place is very small – there are two tables and a wide windowsill. It is not necessary to talk about the interior, but the food is really worth noting. Here you van try rice dough dumplings with shrimp, pork and cilantro (150 rubles - €2.46 for 6 pieces.); steamed Banh Bao buns with meat, mushrooms and egg (95 rubles - €1.56); 3 kinds of Nems – fried with pork, wood mushrooms and fensi or fried with vegetables(130 rubles - €2.13 for 3 pieces), and classic Nems with shrimp, mango, tofu and dill (180 rubles - €2.95 for 3 pieces). In addition, there are 3 kinds of Pho soup— Pho Bo with beef (200 rubles - €3.28), Pho GA with chicken (200 rubles) and fantastic Pho-Tiu with Vietnamese sausage, pork in spices, roasted peanuts, caramelized onions and bean sprouts (250 rubles - €4.10). Besides, the menu includes noodles in a wok with vegetables, chicken, beef, pork (250 rubles - €4.10) or with shrimp (350rubles - €5.74). A free glass of green tea is given to every order; you can also buy a jar of Vietnamese fruit drink for 100 rubles (€1.64).

+7 968 595 31 41
Miusskaya Square, 9, build. 11


MRLIVANETSMR Lebanese Facebook page

The Lebanese restaurant Mr. Lebanese has appeared at Glinishevskii lane. The degree of authenticity of its cuisine is very high. The menu includes hummus, tabbouleh, falafel, dolma and other eastern dishes. You can order full portions separately or you can take meze for 3900 rubles (€63.93). Meze include 6 cold and 6 hot appetizers, 2 salads, a set of 7 grilled meat dishes, with 3 sauces and fresh laffa pellet, 3 dessert, coffee with cardamom and a cocktail with anise vodka. It is designed for two persons, but will be quite enough even for three. In addition, you should taste mutabel (320 rubles - €5.25) – a mixture of grilled eggplant, sesame paste and olive oil; muhammara (300 rubles - €4.92) – a mixture of spicy and fried sweet peppers with walnuts; kibbi (380 rubles - €6.23) – cakes from bulgur, minced beef, onions and pine nuts and a Halawet al Gibna dessert (250 rubles - €4.10).

+7 (495) 692 99 23
Glinishevsky lane, 3


balzi rossiBalzi Rossi Facebook page

Balzi Rossi, opened in the skyscraper at Barrikadnaya, is a chic and expensive restaurant with one of the best cuisine in Moscow. Here you can taste the best fish in the city, and regale rum baba exactly as in Genoa. The restaurant has fantastic light show, coloring everything in a hellish purple, from time to time, so the interior looks like a subway station closed for a private party. The menu is only in English, and the waiters do not speak Russian. Italian chefs headed by Emanuele Mongillo and delivering seafood from the Seychelles make the highest quality of the food. Any dish costs 1200 rubles (€19.67) and the desserts — 600 rubles (€9.84). The restaurant’s service is headed by Frenchman Patrick Bouchard, Axel Dinelle deals with the bar and wine. The wine list is divided into categories according to the price: wine in 6000 rubles (€98.35) per bottle, 12 000 rubles (€196.71), and so on — up to 42 000 rubles (€688.48) per bottle. There is also a Prestige Selection, where a price of a bottle starts from 120 000 rubles (€1,967.09) and ends with 550 000 rubles (€9,015.82).

+7 495 144 74 14
Kudrinskaya Square, 1