Places For Pleasant Recreation in Moscow Region

Places For Pleasant Recreation in Moscow Region

We suggest you a review of sanatoriums, hotels, lodges and guesthouses around the capital. Moscow region has a big variety of places for rest and these are the most noteworthy of them.


Almost like an American motel, but situated at the Oka River

YakorBy Lubov Baklanova

There are: equipment for winter sports, a massage salon, a beauty shop, a bath-sauna with a sweating room and a font, billiards, karaoke.
Things to do: go to Tarusa, visit the House-Museum of Tsvetaeva’s family, the Musatovsky slope, memorable places connected with Paustovsky.

Yakor is arranged by principles of an American motel. Rooms are clean; there is a shower, TV, towels, and heat if it is necessary. In some rooms, you will also find a refrigerator. Almost full size wooden fishes act as key charms. In warm season, you can buy cheap fruits, vegetables and flowers in a nearby shop.

If you want to have some cultural adventures, you can go to Tarusa or visit a place where Marina Tsvetaeva wanted to be buried. In addition, there opens a wonderful view over Oka River with its fogs and plains.

Tarusa, Decembrists Street, 4
+7 48435 2 55 81

The price of a double room starts from 1250 rubles (€20.49).


«Beaubourg», «Lighthouse» and other land-art objects in the park: romanticism in a spirit of «The True Detective»

Nikola LenivetsNikola-Lenivets site

There are: a kitchen-dining room with three meals a day, sledges, ice-boats, skis and snow-scooters, a Russian bath, hootch and other gifts of local farmers.
Things to do: walk around art objects.

It is ok to go to Nicola-Lenivets in any tome of the year. In winter, art objects look differently, than in summer. Houses in Koltsovo are very warm; you will find valenoki in each of them- to change your footwear in case of a bad weather. Directly near the porch of the house, guests can take sledges and iceboats and go riding to «Lighthouse». It is possible to order skis. The bathhouse costs 1500 rubles (€24.59) per hour.

Kaluga region, Kiyevskoye Highway, Nikola-Lenivets
+7 499 504 43 33

Prices start from 1300 rubles (€21.31) for a place in hostel; double rooms in Koltsovo cost about 1600 rubles (€26.23).


A health resort, turned from the XIX century estate into the President’s Office Health Resort with unexpectedly democratic prices

snegiriPress materials

There are: a Russian bath and a modern Spa center with pearl bathtubs and other delicacies, medical services with a decent choice of experts and procedures, massage, a pool, a fitness club, a sports hall, a skating rink, a music hall where classic musicians perform from time to time.
Things to do: go to the New Jerusalem Monastery, the Museum of Wooden Architecture or find a park grotto in Rozhdestveno that looks exactly like a hobbit dwelling.

The place has gone through some repairs recently and became very modern. It has fine communications, billiards, a big beautiful dining room, summer outdoor café and a beautiful view of local architecture. It is possible to order lunches previously in a day in the dining room. However, service is a little Soviet. To diversify food, you can go to one of four restaurants at the territory. Besides, it is possible to prepare a barbecue on coals. For entertainment, you can ride a bicycle through the paths or go to a swimming pool – an outdoor one during summer or indoor during cold season. The most important winter entertainments are tubing (there is a hill with an elevator), skis and skating. Pleasantly, that Snegiri’s territory is huge, so the place does not look crowded even in high season.

Moscow region, Istrinsky district, Rozhdestveno village, Southern Street, 20
+7 495 994 76 32

The price starts from 1500 rubles (€24.59) for a room.


The new cottage territory at the old rest house — it is ideal for team buildings, but will also be good for a romantic weekend

bekasovoPress materials

There are: a Spa center, a wellness-center, a skating rink, a pool, table tennis, a sensor room, a gym.
Things to do: examine squirrels in the wood, participate in cultural actions and master classes on decoupage or barbecue; there are also special programs on holidays.

Rooms here are usual, with an easy Soviet fleur. The main surprise is food – a buffet with a great variety of Russian dishes: Russian salad, coulibiac, ‘Herring under a Fur Coat’. There is a nice pool and a good choice of different cosmetic procedures. The territory is really big, beautiful and worth having long walks – there is a wood and a lake.

Moscow region, Naro Fominsk
+7 495 992 04 37

The price of a double room starts from 2400 rubles (€39.34).


Eight hectares with a river and a wood, installations, taiga lodges, Russian bath with a view. All that is situated at the place of a former pioneer camp for difficult teenagers

veretyevoPress materials

There are: breakfasts at a fireplace with Lenin’s portrait in the only survived building of a former camp; rabbits, squirrels and rams at the territory; a Russian bath with a glass verandah hanging over the Dubna River. It is possible to admire the river from the bridge, and it is possible to roll down into it from the verandah by a trench, which leads directly to the river (obviously not in winter).
Things to do: go to the science city Dubna, look at the Lenin’s second-large monument in the world and a hydroelectric station reservoir.

Here you can enjoy races on snowmobiles, a sit-round gathering at a fireplace, pajama parties, dances — and music. There is wonderful nature with dogs barking and mosquitoes flying in the garden near the house. The purest air can be literally eaten with spoons. Veretyevo is made with taste rural cluster that has ideology and style.

Taldomsky district, Veretyevo village
+7 916 956 28 82

The price starts from 2500 rubles (€40.98) for a room; Russian bath costs 10 000 rubles (€163.92) for a company.


Old Russian styled place with a bathing complex at the suburb of Suzdal

helioparkPress materials

There are: 11 types of Russian baths — from country blackly to imperial on hay with opportunity to jump in the ice-hole; horse walks, billiards, fishing.
Things to do: walk to the center of Suzdal, sightseeing on the way — the trip will take no more than 20 minutes.

Heliopark is a hotel with good restaurant and a number of different Russian baths. Some rooms are equipped with a Jacuzzi bathtub— directly in the bedroom. There is the Shchurovo Ancient Settlement complex nearby, where Lungin’s «Tsar» was shot. Here you can taste food, prepared according to Old Russian recipes.

Vladimir region, Suzdal, Korovniki, 14
+7 492 312 40 00

The price of a double room starts from 2700 rubles (€44.26).


Hotel with country-style rooms and ‘all-inclusive’ system

SolnechniyPress materials

There are: a restaurant complex, Spa, a Russian bath, a grill bar, an outdoor warmed-up pool, a gym, animation and a cigar rooms.
Things to do: walk around nearby Zhivaginsky ponds.

This place has European all-inclusive system, rare for Moscow region hotels, and a great view over the river. The most interesting thing at the territory is an outdoor pool with warm water whole year round. High quality breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served in huge and unlimited quantity. There is animation in the hotel— live music, competitions, concerts. Very small rooms are one of a few downsides of the hotel.

Moscow region, Solnechnogorsky district, Dulepovo village
+7 925 922 42 00

The price of a double room starts from 3100 rubles (€50.82).


A hotel complex with a view over wakeboarding and other fashionable sport

konakovoPress materials

There are: slopes for driving on anything: from snowboards to tubing, skiing and over-snow runs, a skating rink, baths, a zoo, the Moscow sea —Ivankovskoye Reservoir.
Things to do: ride from mountains, master winter windsurfing and other extreme sport in winter, enjoy sandy beaches, water skis and other active water pleasures in summer.

The place offers many different activities – skating, fishing, water skiing and many more. The most impressive place at the territory is an island with a tent for two: it looks like a usual tarpaulin tent, but inside it has a toilet, a plasma TV and a terrace. in addition, there is landing-stage house to rent for a big company.

Tver region, Konakovo, Suburban station
+7 495 626 23 33

The price of a standard double room starts from 3150 rubles (€51.64), a lodge with a bath — from 40000 rubles (€655.70) per day, the landing-stage house— from 44000 rubles (€721.27).


Silent haven at the bank of the Volga River is a good place for lonely rest with many opportunities for personal care

Romanov LesPress materials

There are: a Spa center, baths, a sauna and hammam, hydro massage bathtubs, detox-programs, massage, therapist and cosmetologist services, a pool, a ski track, a skating rink, a zoo, horse walks, flights by plane over Kostroma.
Things to do: walk through the wood and along the lake near the hotel and visit Kostroma.

It is a quiet place simply to have some rest, sleep, take a walk. The rooms are purely cleaned, silent, surrounded by beautiful forest and the Volga River. The Volga riverbank is a great place for long walks.

Kostroma region, Lunevo village 50
+7 499 704 41 47

The price of a double room starts from 3600 rubles (€59.01).


A small hotel with wooden lodges on the way between Vladimir and Suzdal

VelesPress materials

There are: a bathing complex, Spa, a pool, a bowling, billiards, possibility of accommodation with pets.

Things to do: walk in the wood and if you came by car — go sightseeing in Vladimir.

The territory of the hotel consists of beautiful wooden constructions – from reception to summer arbors with an equipped place for a brazier. There is a river and a great pinewood. The air is so pure that you fall asleep instantly as your head touches the pillow. Besides, beds in the cottages are very comfortable. Generally, this a good place as for cheerful rest with friends and for having some romantic rest.

Vladimir region, Kameshkovsky district, Dvoriki village
+7 495 796 21 35

The price of a double room starts from 4000 rubles (€65.57).


Numbers and lodges surrounded by beautiful landscape and situated near skiing places

Svezhiy VeterPress materials

There are: rent of snowmobiles and other winter equipment (skis, skates, sledges, snow-scooters and so forth), Finnish saunas, pools, a restaurant complex, etc.
Things to do: to ride from slopes at Sorochani.

The hotel is stuck between a village from one side and a break from the other. The landscape here is stunning — each lodge is situated at a hillock. Inside the lodge, you will find everything necessary to spend a couple of days. Free pass to the pool and sauna is a pleasant bonus for renting a lodge.

Moscow region, Kurovo village
+7 495 777 26 65

The price of a double room starts from 4600 rubles; a cottage will cost about 9000 rubles (€147.53).


A boarding house that looks as drawn on a gift card: stucco molding, pines, horses

BorPress materials

There are: a beer restaurant and a pizzeria, a library, Spa, sports equipment, bowling, etc.
Things to do: walk in a pine forest and ride horses at the territory.

The name (‘Bor’ means ‘Pinewood’) corresponds to reality- the boarding house is situated in a large pine forest. Rooms are accurate and a little Soviet. Food is rather good and divertive. There are many opportunities for entertainment – horses, Russian baths and pools.

Moscow region, Domodedovo district, Odintsovo-Vakhromeevo
+7 495 565-37-05

The price of a double room starts from 4600 rubles (€75.41).


Beautiful and well-groomed hotel near Moscow

YakhontiPress materials

There are: an indoor pool with a panoramic view and a bar, a fitness center, Spa, a skating rink, a zoo, horse walks, billiards, bowling and night clubs.
Things to do: walk in the wood and along the coast of the Koversha Lake, go horse riding.

The territory of the hotel is very well groomed; rooms are clean and spacious, with panoramic windows and a view over the lake. In the evening, the territory is beautifully highlighted. The pool has large windows and a mirror on a ceiling. Food is one of the main advantages of the hotel – very tasty Russian dishes.

Moscow region, Noginsk district, Zilino village
+7 496 515 19 40

The price of a double room starts from 4800 rubles (€78.68).


A quiet place for private rest in nature’s lap

Istra HolidayPress materials

There are: Spa, billiards, a disco, a fish-Spa (small fishes that clear skin, as in Asian resorts), a salt cave, a Finnish sauna, a Russian bath etc.
Things to do: walk in the forest decorated with touching small lamps in Scandinavian style.

The hotel is situated in the wood far from any settlements therefore, it is secluded and pleasant. There are wooden ‘izbas’ and big housings with rooms. It is a nice place with many activities for any season.

Moscow region, Solnechnogorsky district, Trusovo village
+7 495 988 70 62

The price of a double room starts from 5500 rubles (€90.16) a day.


Two-day retreat practice in a modern wooden lodge on the bank of the Pleshcheev Lake

Yoga DachaMoscow Yoga School VK page

There are: thrice vegetarian feeding, yoga practices 2 times a day, a Russian bath.
Things to do: practice yoga (a pranayama daily, asanas in the morning and in the evening), walk along vicinities, and discover ancient monasteries and other beauties of Pereyaslavl-Zalessky.

Yoga-Dacha is very modern wooden building with modern bathroom equipment. However, conditions in rooms are rather Spartan — only a bed and lighting. The price includes two days of accommodation with thrice vegan feeding and two yoga practices a day.

+7 916 408 40 01

The price of a two-day program is 6000 rubles (€98.35).


Two-level rooms in a building made by a unique design project at the bank of a lake

Fox HolePress materials

There are: helicopter excursions, indoor and outdoor shooting galleries, Spa, a safari center, Red Deer restaurant with delicacies from wildfowl.
Things to do: enjoy flying in helicopter over vicinities.

The place suits excellent for a family holiday: fathers can do some shooting, mothers can take a walk and children can breathe fresh air and play. The territory is very pleasant. Lodges are comfortable, light and clean. There is a lot of additional services and entertainments, such as a mini zoo.

Moscow region, Dmitrovsky district, near Ignatovo village
+7 495 995 13 83

The price of a 40-square-meter room starts from 6500 rubles (€106.55).


A luxury hotel in the Tver region near aqua club «Summer Aquatorium»

Radisson ZavidivoPress materials

There are: a pool, Spa and wellness center, a nursery, concierge services, a fitness club, hunting.
Things to do: go to «Summer Aquatorium» where you will find numerous entertainments for any season.

An advantage of world network hotels is being confident in a certain level of service. The hotel is located directly at the bank of a reservoir. It has equipped beach and a wood around. A pool, a Russian bath and hammam are free for visitors. The restaurant serves European cuisine: meat, fish, potato, salads. There is also the second restaurant with dishes a la carte.

Tver region, Varaksino village
+7 482 42 78 0 78

Prices start from 6400 rubles (€104.91).


Interpretation of a four-stars hotel situated near Moscow: izbas, studio apartments and apartments with huge mushrooms, skins and chandeliers

Taiga DachaPress materials

There are: craft master classes, home cuisine, a Russian bath, massage, Spa, an indoor pool.
Things to do: study neighbors’ eclectic lodges and rooms.
Lodges of different degree of elitism are situated at quite big and picturesque territory. Design of rooms and cottages is a courageous fusion from the Soviet heritage, Provence, Alpine chalets with a curtsey towards the ninetieth. The food in the dining room is simple and nourishing, the service is strict, as in a Soviet sanatorium.

Zvenigorodskoe Schosse, Rakitinskoye village
+7 495 411 99 72

The price of a double room starts from 6800 rubles (€111.47) a night.


Chic place with an emphasis on Spa procedures — a couple of hours of Ayurveda or in hammam are included in the price

Artus SpaPress materials

There are: numerous body and spirit care services, a bathing complex and a pool with a little aquapark, a cigar room with a fireplace, a children’s club, a restaurant of Armenian cuisine, a restaurant-theater with the eclectic dishes from five continents and dietary menu.
Things to do: lie and think about eternal in an outdoor Jacuzzi.

The territory is wonderful; it is pleasant to walk among pines to a pond with ducks. Cottages are nice and have spacious rooms. The restaurants serve tasty food. A sauna with an outdoor Jacuzzi are good opportunities for recreation.

Moscow region, Mytishchi district, Larevo-Lyskovo village 3, build 1
+7 495 644 41 21

The prices of a double room starts from 6900 rubles (€113.11).


Expensive tidy country houses at the bank of the Oka River and near lokavore restaurant «Mark and Lev»

VelegozhPress materials

There are: a skating rink at the lake, a horse club, a Russian bath; there is free Wi-Fi, a six-string guitar and a brazier in each country house.
Things to do: try all dishes at «Mark and Lev» and visit local farmers who deliver products for the restaurant.

The main reason for going there is the first and only Russian lokavore restaurant «Mark and Lev» – a place where dishes are prepared only from local products. The restaurant has its own kitchen garden, uses products only from Tula region, bakes bread and invents new Russian cuisine. Not to spend all the time in the restaurant, you can leave the territory of the Park and reach a wild beach at Oka; it is also possible to go sightseeing to Polenovo’s estate.

Tula region, Zaoksky district
+7 495 664 83 69

The price of a country house with two bedrooms starts from 5000 rubles (€81.96) per day.

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